2 definitions by Sama'an

a.k.a. Candy Paint a paint made in houston's car customs shops, is now famous, and owned by all rappers with style. Is another form of bling for your car. The paint actually changes colors as the car drives past you, depending on the angle it can change to up to three or four different colors, for reference see the 504 Boyz video: Tight Whips
it is rapped about all the time in songs by houston rappers, like the Paul Wall & Mike Jones songs below
Paul: My candy paint drippin, changin colors like a chamileon

Mike: drippin paint leavin stains in the turnin lane
by Sama'an May 31, 2005
'84 rims, the term wasmade famous by houston rapper mike jones in his song still tippin'. they are the rims with lots of spokes and the knobs pokin out
Mike Jones: Fo' Fo's i'm tippin, woodgrain i'm grippin, catch me lane switchin with the paint drippin...
by Sama'an May 31, 2005