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Word used to describe someone who so utterly annoying, and queer. Instead of cock, cocko is used to emphasise their 'gayness'
Isaac: Man I am so cool, you WISH you could be like me
Sal: PFFFT whatever, why would I? Your such a loser.. look at your hair you queer!
Isaac: your just jealous man, everyone is
Sal: okay, then your a cocko
by Saleem D April 01, 2007
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Someone who thinks they have it rough in terms of work and time management when really they are just a work shy cunt.
Jay: Ah mate I have got like 3 lectures to go today, I wish today was like my other days.... nothing
Sal: Mate, let me just say one thing... YOU ARE A SCUHA!
by Saleem D April 26, 2011
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