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Gorillaz is composed of four fictitious members: 2-D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle. They are a dominantly rock band, but most of the singles they release are hip-hop. It was created by Jamie Hewlett of Tank Girl fame, and Damon Albarn of the band Blur. Many talented people are involved in the creation of their music, thus giving it an entirely unique sound. Influenced by everything from reggae to punk to Terry Hall and Darth Vader, the band has once again reached the chart tops with their latest effort, Demon Days. They are the ultimate manufactured pop band.
"Hey man, did you hear that new Gorillaz album?"
"Yeah, I've had O Green World stuck in my head for weeks!"
by Saint Erotic November 14, 2005
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While many believe this to be the second album by Gorillaz, there were actually two other albums released in between the time from the first album's release, and Demon Days. First there was G-sides, which is a collection of extra tracks and b-sides, and then there was Lakia Come Home, which was a collaberation between the Spacemonkeys and Gorillaz.
Kid: "omgs liek haev u herd teh new gorillaz albmu demon days?"
Person: "yeah it's pretty cool, I still like G-sides better though."
Kid: "wuts g-siedz?"
Person: "The second Gorillaz album, biznatch!"
by Saint Erotic December 14, 2005
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