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Adjective: Is caused by the mass consumption of a controlled substance, i.e. marijuana; or a depressant, alcohol. The state in which one cannot open his or her eyes completely.

Synonyms: Pussy Eyes, Puss Eyes, Puss 'n Boots.
John: Look at that fool, shoulda never gave him that blunt. He's got pussy eyes.

Chris: Fuck you.

John: Dawg, you drank so much last night by the time we hit the titty bar you had puss eyes instead of puss in your face.

Chris: Shit, that's what happens when you drink a handle of Carlo Rossi.
by SWAGWHOOP November 09, 2011

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Noun: Traditionally a New Mexican celebration lasting all day long that entails slaughtering, butchering, and burying a pig in a bed coals for a slow roast. Then a large dinner to feast upon. Also, reference to an intriguing evening spent with a female shared by two males that encapsulates ones wildest dreams, hence a pig roasting on a spit.
Chester: Yo, we gotta get this girl back to the crib.

Chris: Fool you think she's really down?

Chester: Hell yeah she's down, she was as giving us dances at the club.

Jane Doe: You two ready for this mantanza?

Chester: I told you bitch, that Rossi gets these pussies Glossi!

Chris: SWAG!
by SWAGWHOOP November 12, 2011

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