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The large majority of patrons that visit this site as well as "Encyclopedia Dramatica". They generally consist of persons who begin to hate something, not because of it's value (or lack there of) but merely that it has reached a state of popularity that is suddenly aggravating.

When such a state has been reached, a group of "Haters" will pop into existence and spew their un-backed opinions to the masses. While some generally do hate something for it's worthily hateful merits, most do not and in a meager attempt to step away from the bandwagon just jump on into a new more fashionable one. Haters such as this generally have only listened/read/seen a small portion of what it is they are hating and have only gone thus far in making their decision upon whether or not they hate it.

The few haters who do back up their opinions do so in a way that is often more calm and controlled because they don't feel the need to put so much energy into "hating" something.
(Example, Lady Gaga)

Hater: "Oh my god! I hate Lady Gaga, she looks like a man and she fucking autotunes her voice to shit! Just listen to Poker Face! Ugh, and look at those outfits, she's just trying to get attention, whore..."

Annoyed Bystander: "Dude, how many Lady Gaga songs have you listened too?"

Hater: "Poker Face, Bad Romance, Love Game..."

Annoyed Bystander: "Alejandro?"

Hater: "..."

Annoyed Bystander: "Is that it?

Hater: "Yeah..."

Annoyed Bystander: "Then please, STFU. If you actually knew whether you hated her or not, you'd know more about her. You would have known that she has an entire album of songs, that's right, album and a half actually. You'd also know that a few of her songs are acoustic, and that the live versions of the acoustic ones are actually quite nice. If you hate her voice live, come back and complain but for now just say she's 'Not your cup of tea.'"

Hater: "...But!"

Annoyed Bystander: "Ah, ah, ah... now go away."
by SS1SS May 07, 2011

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