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The best film group to ever exist they have made iconic movies such as Hey bud and Dookie Joes Germ house and many shorts and soon many more they don’t fall into any category’s they are there own category they are SHOP LIFT
(Man enlightened by SHOP LIFT): “Hey man have you seen the number one movie on YouTube” (Man not enlightened by SHOP LIFT): “why no I haven’t what is it?” (Man enlightened by SHOP LIFT): “Hey Bud by SHOP LIFT!”

(Man not enlightened by SHOP LIFT) “wow I should really watch that I think I will right now!”
14:27 minutes later
(Man who is now enlightened by SHOP LIFT) “that was literally the best 14:27 minutes of my life it was actually good quality content that didn’t even have its own category it was it’s own category it was SHOP LIFT!”
by SHOP LIFT June 11, 2019
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