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The act of 'spanking the monkey'. Masturbating. Choking the chicken. Mexican lingo to refer to masturbation. Manuela is derived or compossed from the word 'mano' or hand. Also known as 'handy'. Manuela, from the pronunciation of manual, mano, manuelear, 'to give a manual job'.
Ex: "Ya vas otra vez a la cita con Manuela". "There you go again on a date with Manuela" or "manuela no me dejo dormir anoche", "manuela didn't let me sleep last night". or, "manuela me entiende mejor que nadie" , "manuela undestands me better than anyone"... or "Esa vieja esta tan fea que preferiria manuelearme".. "that chick is so ugly that I'd rather 'manuelearme'".
by SHAMUKO May 19, 2007

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