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An Inferno match is an extremely rare type of match-up in the WWE which used to be associated with Kane. The WWE describes it as the sickest of all matches to date because the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire. There have only been three of these matches since it was introduced in 1998 and each one featured kane but he lost each one. The Wrestlers are protected by wearing fire-redartant padding under their costumes. It is rarely contested today because of health concerns
Inferno Matches:
Kane VS Undertaker Unforgiven April 26 1998
Kane VS Undertaker RAW is WAR February 1999
Kane VS Triple H Smackdown September 23 1999
by S-Bladewarrior October 21, 2006
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A wrestler who has a rapper/ gangsta gimmick and is the WWE Champion but is booed by most fans because they are racist retards.
John Cena is the WWE Champion but is hated by some fans cuz there racists, he dons a rapper/gangsta gimmick that is usually associated with African Americans.
by S-Bladewarrior September 30, 2006
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