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A small town located in south-eastern Ohio on the Ohio River. The town has a population of less than 5,000 and thus tends to be a very tight-knit place. Everybody knows everyone, and even scarier, everyone is related to everyone else. The locals always say that there is nothing to do, aside from the movies or hanging out at Wal-Mart. There is stuff around, but not anything that generally appeals to anyone under the age of 40. The town is full of rednecks, hicks, old retired folks, welfare suckers, and wiggers. Most of the high school kids only talk of how they can't wait to get out of Gallipolis. Almost everyone you see drives a beat up 20 year old car, smokes, and dresses like a skank. It is a very safe town, though, mostly because even the criminals can't stand it here. Gallipolis has a few claims to fame, however. Bob Evans, founder of Bob Evans restaurants grew up here, and of course there is the Mothman legend from nearby Point Pleasant.

Larry: Bob is such a loser.
Bill: Shut up...he's my cousin...and my uncle...and my nephew...because I'm from Gallipolis.

Bill: Watch how fast I can drive.
Larry: Watch out for that old person and the Mothman.

Larry: Hey...lets go eat at Bob Evans and then go to Wal Mart!
Bill: Yeah! Sounds like fun
by S Cracka November 30, 2006

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