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A more charismatic version of the term, 'cool beans', seeing as 'chilled' and 'cool are synonyms', and 'beans' and 'legumes' are as well. 'Chilled Legumes' is only the more sexy way to imply that a conversation is coming to an end. Commonly used by awesome people, ghettos, pimps, and the like.
Harvy: So this Saturday, the movies, broha?

Richard: Yeah man.

Harvy: I think I'll buy the popcorn, you sneak in some cheap snacks, comprendo?

Richard: Chilled Legumes.
by RyanAndCamillaStallionsRock June 06, 2011
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A stunning combination of sexy, spectacular, and delicious, except in one mind-boggling word. Often used to describe delectable food, but more commonly used as an "OK" sort of word. Common among either extreme nerds, or extremely cool people.
Ryan: Howdy-ho, Jimmie! I'd like to inform you that I'll be heading off to Chess club, so see you later.

Jimmie: That's no problem, Ryan. I'll be heading to the Glee club, anyway...

Ryan: Sextaculicious. Have yourself a satisfactory evening. Cheerio!
by RyanAndCamillaStallionsRock June 06, 2011
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A lie told by a white man to a black man, to make the black man feel better about himself.
DeShawn: Hey Brad, do I look shnazzy in these 'ere overalls?

Brad: Aw, man, you look great!

Random Passerby: Wow, what a White Man Lie...
by RyanAndCamillaStallionsRock June 20, 2011
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