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Another word synonymous with cool, chronic or "uber". Basically the end-all term for awesomeness. Technically this definition is not hance enough to describe the word hance. That's how hance hance is. Derivation maybe from the verb "enhance". Or maybe a Greek philosopher was one day chillin or doing what one does when your a Greek philosopher, discovered the euphoric secrets of the world and yelled with exclamation "By the heavens......HANCE!"
Even Chuck Norris can't be that hance...
That's SOOO hance!
by Ryan Dent May 09, 2006

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Fonding is the act of or the art of male bonding whilst surfing and enjoying a light snack consisting exclusively of chocolate fondue.
Courtesy of the brain of Ricky
Yeah, watching the sunrise and eating those chocolate covered strawberries was some great fonding time on the Costa Rica trip
by Ryan Dent June 24, 2007

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