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A Type Of bong originated from "The Device" developed from a long paper Towel Cardboard Roll with a small hole on the top near one of the ends. Then a Blunt Or Joint is inserted in the hole. Next a hand is placed over the larger hole on the side of the blunt. The mouth in inserted on the opposite end. After taking a desired amount of puffs the hand is removed from the other side causeing air to enter and smoke to carry to the mouth which is known as the Cannon Hit.
Bong, "The Device", "Rozwell 5000", "Cheesecurl" Wolly, "The Yert", "Yert 2.0", "The Chrome", and "The Dominique Human Highlight Reel Wilkins Tomahawk Slama-Jama Candy Cane Striped Jonesy" etc.
by Ryan Baus October 03, 2008
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Slime is a some very goood weed. It can be used for all types, streching from some good ass reg to some gank ass sour diesel.
You can tell if weed is slime by the color, texture, smell, and how high you got after a minimum of 10 hits. There are some different variations of the word to fit to the situation.
"Damn I'm slimey (high) as shit!"

"I smoked a blunt of that shit last night, its some slime."

"This weed is deffinitly some slime-alakum"

"YERT me get a dime of that slime"

by Ryan Baus April 07, 2009
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