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butterflyfeathers is a member of the IGN message boards and frequently posts on the Vestibule where he is hated and ridiculed by complete strangers on a daily basis. It's sad to think that he comes home from a day of being outcast by his peers in real life only to turn on his computer and find that he is hated by hundreds of strangers all over the world. Many wonder why he dosen't just end it all. With nothing to cling to and being unloved his death would bring jubilation through out the world. But instead he remains alive and physically well making constant attention whore topics asking complete strangers to do meaningless things for him. It is a fact that he likes big cawk in his ass and has been video taped sniffing goatse where the sun don't shine. He is pure scum and if and if he is ever confronted in real life the only greeting sutable is a swift kick in the nuts.
butterflyfeathers is a complete asshat.
by Rwlax25 April 11, 2005
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