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The sexual act of putting a live lobster inside of a womans asshole, tail first. The woman's sexual partner puts his erect penis into her vagina, and while performing the lobster cuts up the balls.
Kyle: Hey Michael, what are you doing in the hospital?
Michael: Katelyn made me do a Lobster Dinner Special, and I didn't think it would work. It did
Kyle: I wonder if my girlfriend would be open to doing that. (pun intended)
by RussianSexMachine November 25, 2014
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The asexual act of putting raw oysters inside of a woman's Vagina. The Oysters are left inside over night. Tapeing the vaginal lips is often neccesary to ensure that the oysters stay put. Once the woman wakes up, her sexual partner eats all of the oysters out using nothing but his mouth.
Jonathan: How was your honeymoon?

Lenny: Most of it was good, but flaura made me give her a Mr.Bean special, so I was sick for the remainder of the honeymoon.
Jonathan: That's sick.
by RussianSexMachine November 25, 2014
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The Sexual act involving a dog, a ball, a woman and a volunteer. The volunteer throws the ball, aiming it into the woman's vagina. Once the ball is successfuly thrust into the woman's vagina, the dog runs and attempts to grab the ball fromt inside the womans vagina, often eating her out in a rough (ruff) manner. Once the dog returns the bloddy ball back to the volunteer, Fetch has been performed successfuly.
Mike: Did you hear what happened to jessica at the party?
David: No, what?
Mike: Donald was playing with his dog, and eventually ended up performing fetch on Jesicca.
David: Was the dog okay?
Fetch (sexual act)
by RussianSexMachine November 25, 2014
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