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Someone who can kick ass behind a drum set and stir up excitement in an audience. A drummer can rock you or soothe you, depending on the song. A gentle song needs a drummer that can create a happy flow. Often real drummers make people want to jump up and dance. Drummers play a full set of rock drums: at least one snare, at least 2 tom toms and one or 2 floor toms, 3 or more cymbals, plus a high-hat and a bass drum. More of any can be added any time. Chimes, gongs, orchestral bells and cowbells have also seen some pretty hard-hitting from drummers. There are some drummers that could be called drummers that play other styles of music than rap and rock, but they tend to be rare. Like, is Charlie Watts really a drummer when he plays jazz – give me a break.

Altho drummers don't always practice, they remain true to a genuine spirit of hard-hitting cooperation with other members of their bands, driving them ahead. They are also influenced by the music coming from other instruments and incorporate it into the overall experience, hence helping to shape the music. This is why other members of the band should always play well, since they are influencing the drummer.

Drummers have the Power of Rock 'n' Roll at their command.
We went to see Trail of Death (or some new band in town) and the drummer kicked ass!
by Rudolf Kurt Penner April 24, 2007
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to kowtow; to show unnecessary respect or deference in order to win favor with a superior or colleague. Annoying, ingratiating behaviour that is observed by others. Usually used with pronouns, he, she, you, rather than with actual names, John, Sylvia. The origin is probably derived from the idea that great pleasure is derived by the recipient of fellatio. Hence, giving someone one more pleasure than they deserve in hopes that they will be so pleased they will feel obliged to give you benefits, usually in the form of job security, more hours at work, more favorable shifts or to have her/his opinions favored and adopted.
I don't suck cock. He sucks cock at work.

A colleague may question, "How come he gets to work all the good shifts?" whereupon someone might reply, "Oh, he sucks cock."
by Rudolf Kurt Penner February 22, 2007
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buckle down and make a serious effort. "bock" from the German, Bock, a mountain goat; by inflection, the devil, darker side, or wildness. My maternals used to ask us children whether they should drive the bock out of us. "Soll ich dir mal den Bock raustreiben?" From this it could be affirmed that we were onto some significant disturbance.
"Bock down and do some business, boy!"
by Rudolf Kurt Penner February 20, 2007
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