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A girl that obeys you as if you were her master, commonly used to express superiority in intimate situations such as sex.

Typically shortened to GG.

--- Can be associated with the term Daddy or My bitch ---

May also be used to call one's homies when he does a favour for you

i.e: Tying your shoes.

--- *Fucking* can be put between the two words like the following : Good Fucking Girl or G fucking G ---
Friend 1: Bro, that girl last night was a real GG (Good Girl)
Friend 2: No way bro, you're lucky

Guy 1: Yo, are we gonna go get some GG's (Good Girls) tonight?
Guy 2: Oh yeah fam let's go.

Homie 1: Bro, can you get me the juice box in the fridge?
Homie 2: Sure.
**Homie 2 gets the juice box and gives it to Homie 1**
Homie 1: Good Girl
by Royzerrrrr February 04, 2019
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