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One of the most bad-ass mother fuckers to ever walk this earth. You know you have the right to be Jaz or called Jaz when:
1. You get into at least 11.5 fights a week
2. You get wasted off your ass and never get a hangover
3. You do what you want
4. You can do anything you want better than anyone else can but your usually too lazy to and you don't want to make anyone jealous of your mad skills.
5. Your a fucking ninja
6. Your one hilarious mother fucker
7. You've never lost a fight in your life
8. Your ten feet tall, weigh two-tons, breathe fire, and can eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing
"Omg did you see Jaz kick that kids ass yesterday? He picked him up and threw him 500ft into the air and impaled him on a flag-post!"

Person 1:"That kid is bamf!"
Person 2: "Yea I wounld never want to mess with Jaz."
by Roy E. Munson June 17, 2008
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Insane Clown Posse. The most hated band on Earth. Their songs aren't on MTV the radio and are barely even in stores. They are fucking retarded and rap about hanging niggers and being satanic and such. Juggalos a breed of flaming homosexuals are the only people who support the band. The believe in the Dark Carnival which is where you worship Satan and have orgies with your uncles or something like that....Juggalos think they are hardcore gangsters but when you talk shit about icp they have nothing to say, they'd rather be porking your grandpa or something along those lines. Icp's members are Fagget2dope and Silent Gay and they started what everyone now knows today as homosexualism.....Yes they are the first gays.....ever. Which makes them the gayest people in the existence of mankind.
Guy: "Hey man did you hear that new icp song its pretty good.
Buddy:"Wtf! I didnt know you were gay!"
Guy:"........Im sorry you had to find out like this. Can i pork your Uncle?"
Buddy: "You Juggalo sons a bitch! Ima pistol whip your fagget ass!"
by Roy E. Munson December 07, 2008
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When some bitch says not to say holy shit anymore so your like "OMFG HOLY DIVER" from now on.
Person 1:"Sweet Jesus that was crazy!"
Person 2: "Yeah holy diver!"
by Roy E. Munson June 16, 2008
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