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A g-String that hammocks a females pretty bits. Quite similar to the banana hammock, except its for a twat.
"Jesus Mikey she had a well smelly twat hammock"
"Sarah have you seen my new twat hammock?"
"Dear Santa, All i want for Christmas is a new silk Twat Hammock"
by Ross Dynamic June 17, 2008

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The highest level of being a bastard.
Someone who is an absolute arsehole.
The person who cut you up in early morning traffic.
"That Referee is a complete horror bastard"
"Your mum is a horror bastard"
"Why be such a horror bastard?"
by Ross Dynamic June 17, 2008

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Usually groups of Men that like to dress up together in tight leather and ride around on motorcycles at the weekend. Often found at lunch time in country pubs with their leathers half off with tight white vests.
They also like to compare each others tight leathers, and rank is judged on whose leathers are the most expensive.

They also like to compare each others "helmets" by size and colour.

They are also often found complaining about drivers of automobiles, but will then quite happily cut up the inside of you on the motorway and complain when someone on a motorbike gets hurt because it was never their fault.
That motor cyclist is a wanker.

It is never the motorcyclists fault.

Im cool because i am a motor cyclist.
by Ross Dynamic July 10, 2008

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