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Verb a.k.a. "Tonkin'": To get shit-house drunk on cheap beer (usually PBR or Busch Light) and head into the local bars looking for trouble. A good night of Tonkin' generally includes, but is not limited to, (1) discharging a firearm at the moon, (2) having to leave somewhere before the police arrive, and (3) waking up the next morning next to a particularly unattractive woman. Although the word's etymology is southern, Honky Tonkin' has been observed as far north as Grand Marais, MN.
Were goin' Honky Tonkin' tonight boys! Fathers, lock up your daughters. Farmers, lock up your sheep.
by RomanMaroni August 13, 2011

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A combination of the Spanish words "muchaco" meaning boy or young man and "hombre" meaning man or dude. Typically used when referencing an individual’s affinity for deceased white men of particular historical significance.
Joe: “I love free market capitalism, but those God Damn’d democrats are always trying to regulate the markets.”

Sam: “Yeah, Adam Smith is my muchombre. We need to legalize the Constitution.”
by RomanMaroni May 12, 2011

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