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Kiwi mating call, often found on NZDating.com and commonly used by beer-bellied, shaven headed gits, wearing black jeans and Marilyn Manson t-shirts to fat unattractive women that couldn't possibly score anyone sober/normal.
Bloke: "Wanna root?"
Desperate Fat Chick: "Yeah, go on then."
Bloke: "OK. Let me finish this bottle of Woodstock first."

*frantic copulating session ensues*
by Rollergirl October 29, 2005
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Lesbian electro sex and bondage with wet orgasms and fisting.
Dina experienced wired pussy when was put in her place by the wickedly cruel mistress who inflicted pain and pleasure upon her through fucking implements that shocked her until she came in wet ecstasy.
by Rollergirl February 13, 2014
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Getting scuttled on copious amounts of alcohol.
"Oh god, my head is killing me."
"Me and the girls got Wayned last night on some Woodstock."
"Did you get a root?"
by Rollergirl November 3, 2005
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Common way for a Kiwi to (1) say thanks, (2) sign off an email/memo/will ("cheers,") or (3) what we shout when clanging our handles of booze together in a moment of comaderie.
1. "I'll make us a cuppa tea."

2. "Only total wankers sign off with 'kind regards'. What shall I put?"
"Just write, 'Cheers', and then your name."

3. "Fark Iyam pished."
""Way-heyyyyyy!! Cheeeeerrzzzz."
by Rollergirl November 4, 2005
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