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A brand of expensive wrist watch. Actually spelled Hublot, but the YouBlow spelling is more accurate, due to the legend-in-their-own-mind type of person who wears them.
I saw that rich kid wearing a YouBlow watch at the nightclub last night. Watch a pompous douche.
by Roidsboy April 21, 2018

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A fear that using tax money to provide social programs aimed at providing a safety net to a country's citizens, i.e., social security, Medicare, Medicaid, instead of giving it to conservative billionaire cronys, will result in said country becoming a 3rd-world, rat infested, totalitarian dump. This fear is propegated by misinformation in the media about socialist countries, using falsehoods or over-simplifying for the consumption of dummies.
There's been an outbreak of Venezuelaphobia in U.S. since these protests in Caracas have started.
by Roidsboy September 23, 2019

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