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A Chicano pejorative term for "Hispanics," or mainstreamed Mexicans, derived from Fidel's use for any reactionary, counter-revolutionary person.

Other meanings: Right-Wing, sell-out, conservative, neo-fascist, traitor.
Those Gusanos at the Centro Cultural held a fund raiser in conjunction with big-time War Profiteers.
by Roddio X September 28, 2005
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Chicano perjorative for any mainstream Mexican (or other Latin American) in North America. Someone who is pretentious or arrogant.

Often pronounced as if one was clearing one's throat on the first syllable and then spitting on the second. Always written in quotes.

Also: Sell-out, pocho, narc, spy, gusano, gabacho, guero, Norte Americano, lightweight, poser, fool, geek.
¿Cuál está para arriba con Ruy? Él está dando vuelta en un hispanico verdadero. (What's with Ruy? He's turing into a real "Hispanic.")
by Roddio X September 28, 2005
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