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He's Funny, and Charming but can be a prick at times. Once he hears his name, he'll come running saying "I heard my name". He's hot and cool, likes sports like volleyball. He is incredibly bipolar and has very little commonsense.

But if you have a Zeus in your life, take care of it and don't get on its bad side.
R1 : Hey you seen Zeus?
R2 : No, but he's a prick
Zeus : I heard my name
by Rocksssssssssssssssss September 15, 2020
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M.U. Mutual Understanding. This meaning can be defined in two ways:

a. 2 people like each other but aren't in a relationship
b. A talking stage between two people who like each other
N: Hey, aren't they a M.U.?
by Rocksssssssssssssssss October 23, 2022
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