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1} n. when using the intrawebs or chatting device that requires the inputs of characters, a spelling error that completely throws of the meaning of the sentence. also, typo.

2} adj. a phrase used to describe something that didn't go according to plan. also see epic fail or failness.

1} ihavenoidentity22(21:32:01PM) and she said 'excuse me but your wenis got in the way.'
ihavenoidentity22(21:32:03) penis*
whothehellami91(21:32:21) nice tits head.

2} Abraham;; So i totally tripped and fallded on my face in front of this chick, dude. At least my british accent made up for it.
Bruno;; 'Fallded?' Your grammar is tits head.
by RockerofSocks:3 December 22, 2008

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