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Pagan's MC = Pagan's Motorcycle Club. 1%er club to be taken seriously.

Started in Montgomery County Maryland USA...Still prominant in VA, PA, MD, NY...parts of the South and Mid West
Don't F with the Pagan's MC....They take care if business.
by Rocco88 March 14, 2007
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Omega Male, is basically the servant male of the tribe. These terms, Alpha, Beta and alas Omega were used to designate hierarchy in the Ape community, but later were applied to human hierarchy as well. Omega Male is not necessarily the outside wise man or thinker as some are describing here. It's not that this male can't be wise, its just that he is often as likely to be powerless, maybe even slow as he is smart and internalized and relegated to the bottom rung of the ladder.
While the opposite of Omega is Alpha, this doesn't designate simple physical prowess and might as it does with Apes. Alpha does not crave attention or validation from others, that is normally a Beta trait of attempting to improve his station. Alpha just gets the attention. It can be leadership, smarts, ability to earn and of course physical confidence and might, which shows his potential mates that he can protect, provide and defend his family. See basic human attraction triggers.
Finally, since we are humans and not apes, Alpha/Omega isn't being the toughest man on the block.. Today Alpha is manifested in confidence, success, wit, and yes still some physical prowess. The modern Alpha is the man who is unafraid to speak his mind, unafraid to embrace his masculinity and also unafraid to defend his POV / loved ones / offspring. This is directly opposite to the man who would scurry away in fear at the first sign of confrontation, afraid to speak his opinion, unsure of himself etc.
Wow, you mean that creepy 30 something Omega male , Neck Beard who still lives in mom's basement, never make s eye contact with people and chats to young boys online all day got a job at the YMCA? Wow better keep an eye on him...
by Rocco88 March 11, 2016
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