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A kickass NES game circa 1989 Technos Japan Corp. involving a fictional world tournament of the popular sport Dodgeball. Countries included in this tournament include: USA, England, India, Iceland, China, Kenya, Japan, and USSR.
Man, Super Dodgeball is the tits. best gameplay 1989 had to offer.
I know bro, the AI is almost lifelike.
by Robonaut December 21, 2006
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The act of delaying the completion of necessary tasks by occupying oneself with past/archaic entertainment media.
For example, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) A.K.A Famicom is one such medium with which retrocrastination is popular.
-Approximately 28% of all use of Nintendo Entertainment Systems is due to retrocrastination.
"Man, why the flip did I fail my flippin exam!? I thought I aced that shit!"
"Retrocrastination, dude. You've been playing Super Dodgeball and Excitebike all week."
by Robonaut December 21, 2006
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