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Short for "Roblox Gangster". This Roblox player tends to be between the ages of 10 and 16. Ro Gangsters started appearing in Roblox around 2012 and have multiplied heavily over the past years. Ro Gangsters are usually identifiable by the avatar they use. Most Ro Gangsters use the "Stitch Face", however some Ro Gangsters use limited faces that they bought with their parents credit card information. Ro Gangsters tend to have multiple hairs equipped at once. Another way to identify a Ro Gangster would be by the words they use. "Mic up" is a common expression used by Ro Gangsters as a way to tell somebody they want to talk to them. The reason this is a common term used by Ro Gangsters is due to the fact they are unable to talk to their friends and family members as their father. is still getting the milk and their mother performs sexual acts for a living. Most Ro Gangsters are bullied in school and take out their anger by killing random people in games such as " Da Hood", "The Streets", "Realistic Roleplay (1,2, or 3)", and more. Ro Gangsters also like to online date random people in a kids lego game which may or may not be a 60 year old man. The reason they do this is because they are too pathetic to find somebody in real life and because they like to jerk off to pixels and lego people. Ro Gangsters are a toxic community inside Roblox and are not to be messed with because they are unstable.
That Ro Gangster is raging.
by Robloxian Female May 03, 2021
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