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A bunch of muslims who put there thongs on too tight.
Al-Qaeda are twats!
by Robin Hoodie February 20, 2009

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Currently causing the breakdown of society and the reason why most of us teenagers cant speak or write properly.

Probably will have some part to play in the eventual demise of the human race.
I likez msn lolz.

The whole world-wide nuclear attack was organising by al-qaeda on MSN Messenger. LOLZ.
by Robin Hoodie February 20, 2009

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The world's shittest place, only claim to fame is being next to Nottingham (The worlds best city) and having the team that got the lowest amount of points in a premier league season.

People residing in Derby (I.e London=Londoners) are known as sheep shaggers.

Also an extremely offensive word that isnt aloud to be said on British Television before the 9pm watershed, the bbc where fined a record amount after it was said on a live show.

Derby is also used as an alternative word to beastiality, particularly sheep/human beastiality.
"Lets go to Derby"
"Fuck that I would rather stick my testicles/tits in a blender"


"Your teams doing a bit of a derby"
"How dare you"

"Err I saw your mum doing derby with your dog"
"Im gonna knock you the fuck out"
by Robin Hoodie March 06, 2008

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