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A question asked not because the the person asking the question is actually wondering if someone is sitting "here", but more likely asked because the person wants to start a conversation with the person sitting next to the seat in question.
Dougy: "Is anybody sitting here?"

Girl sitting in class: "No..."

Dougy: "So whats up?"

Girl: *makes a strange look and moves away*

Dougy: "Dude whats her problem, she probably thought I was trying to hit on her or something...bahaha"
by Robert McSanchez January 28, 2011

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A word describing a person who serves an ace in a volley ball game and is then an asshole about it.
Acehole: "6 serving 3. (Acehole serves) Yes, ace! In your face noobs! My grandma can return a serve better than that. Why don't you just walk off the court now before I crush you again?"
by Robert McSanchez July 23, 2010

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