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1. When a male ejaculates after masturbating and the semen squirts high enough for it to come back down all over the male's head.
2. When a male pulls out during sex and ejaculates in a manner such that the trajectory of the semen comes down on the partner's head.
3. Any other occurence where semen drops from above onto someone's head.
1. I was lookin at some porn the other night and accidentally took a cream shower.
2. I pulled out and gave my girlfriend a cream shower.
by Rik F March 09, 2008
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The contact made between the shoulder of one person (usually male) and the boob of a female leaning over the shoulder of the other person.
Dude, I totally got some shoulder boob when that waitress delivered our food!
by Rik F August 15, 2008
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1. A male who touches other males' genitalia.

2. A great alternate insult for douchebag, cocksucker, or fag that won't get you in trouble at work, school, or otherwise in public.
1. There sure are a bunch of peter petters at this gay pride parade.

2. Dude, that peter petter in that BMW just cut me off!!
by Rik F June 07, 2012
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