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The single worst acronym in athletics. Highly corrupt system which, to the dismay of every college football fan in the United States, is the determining system for the postseason. Computer formulas, coaches polls, and school history are all factors that come into play. This might shock many people with a limited background in American sports but D-1 (top-tier) college football has NO PLAYOFF system. School presidents and athletic directors are happy-------hence, no need to rock the boat. American college gridiron may be the only sport's league in the world where a team's tradition and base of support actually impacts where they are positioned in the playoffs. For EPL fans: that's like saying Man U, Liverpool, and Newcastle get best playoff positioning because they are the most followed and their merch sales are tops. 7 divisions (and Notre Dame) make up the BCS. 5 divisions are excluded and have no chance for a title even before the season begins.
Notre Dame is part of the BCS system. They finished with a dismal record in 2007, but have a good fan base. Expect them to finish with a BCS bid if they finish with 8 or 9 wins in 2008. Notre Dame plays a schedule filled with service academies and some of the most mediocre teams in the US (UNC, Duke, Stanford). They get a $7.5 million payout from playing in one of those games-----this effectively perpetuates the same system and brings them back for subsequent games in latter years.
by Ricky DE Ricardo January 02, 2008
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