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Someone who wastes a consecutive amount of days on dreams that will never be realized due to them being complete failures and social outcasts. Binge dreamers have universal characteristics such as; low self esteem, poor hygiene, lack of exercise leading towards disgusting disfigurement a.k.a. being hella fat. Much like the side effects of binge drinking, binge dreaming can and for the most part always is mortally harmful and deadly.
"That greasy kid from dorm room 3a is without a doubt showing tell tale signs of binge dreaming, the asshole can hardly stand with all that weight from his self induced responsibilities and goal maintenance. What a Filthy piece of shit binge dreamer."

"Oh you mean Joel? Nah he's just mentally crushed from flunking the entire semester cause he was imagining all the rad things he was going to accomplish and not studying his ass off like a real person."
by Richard James Pierce May 02, 2008
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