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short for Can You Just - when someone asks you for a favour, especially at an inconvenient time and/or short notice
Caroline: Wanna come to the club with me?
Lisa: I would, but I've been CYJ'd into giving Monique a lift home
by Richard Force Twelve Gale April 06, 2011

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(In the UK) A fan of pirate radio, especially offshore pirate radio.

So called because, while visiting the pirate radio ships, they were known for wearing anorak coats due to the cold and windy climate of the North Sea.
That guy's radio's always tuned to some pirate radio station or other. Even used to visit Laser 558 and Radio Caroline when they were on the North Sea.

Yeah, he always was an anorak.
by Richard Force Twelve Gale January 15, 2010

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