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An amazing Progressive metal band, whom have been going for over 20 years. Not a mainstream band, therefore not very popular or even wellknown to the present public, but kicking ass. Each member proves to be a god at their instrumental talent.
Me - Lo, Do you like Dream Theater?
Person - Dream Who?
Me - Nevermind...
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 15, 2005

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Possibly the most pointless website on the net, people who use it are either:
1. emo
2. scene
3. would like to be either of the above
People who use Myspace compete to see how many "friends" they have, by adding people they have never and will never meet. You can usually find pathetic little comments on my space like "awwwh so cute *pokes* hehehehehe"
Myspace whore - "OMG lolz i haf got 300 frends on myspace olol"
Socialy Accepted Human- "How many of these people do you actually know then?"
Myspace whore - "stfu lol one of dem is ma gurlfrend, i met her on myspace"
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 19, 2005

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The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird.
Said to live for 500 or for 1461 years, the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. The Phoenix was said to rise from ashes.
Phoenixs are cool, and thats why my online alias is lostphoenix / iPhoenix
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 21, 2005

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An RPG (Role Play Game) series created by Squaresoft/Square Enix/Square. It was named Final Fantasy because as it was supposed to be Square's final game, but because of its huge success, they carried on to make more RPGs. Final Fantasy started as a nes game (nintendo) but Final Fantasy VII was released on the PSX. Many people who know what FF is, know of it from FF VII and later titles, as the earlier releases were not on the PSX and also not as succesfull.
Final Fantasy VII and VIII are the best RPGs ever, however if you want something a bit more exciting, go play an online RPG (ORPG/MORPG/MMORPG)such as ROSE or Ragnarok Online
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 21, 2005

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