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A system of :

Screw the people.

Screw the government.

Screw the earth.
Profit = Yes.

People = Herds of cows used to be subliminally socialized to eat shit (see silicon dioxide, ammonium sulfate, etc), drink shit (Potassium Benzoate, etc), use shit (see Titanium dioxide, Propylene glycol, etc), get shit (see v984 advanced ipod), get more shit, make shit (see underpaid factory workers, outsourced jobs), do shit to other people, allocate who gets what shit (see demographic targetting, CEO $10bil, Employee $16/hr)

People = expendable mindless machines that need to consume as much shit as possible to generate dough (see tobacco) before they decay/die/deform due to carcinogens or some random-named unarticulable compound with adverse effects; entities that need to perform as much shit as possible in a finite amount of time; entities that need to be told to do nothing in order to do shit by using dough (see weight loss pills, automated services, work from home google ads, etc) ; entities that can be profited from by irrationality (see stock market)

Governments = An entity that needs dough to burn to perform social services, underground operations, propagandization but funded by private-sectored corporations, businesses, sponsorships, etc that use the above system to maximize profits
Earth = A seemingly vast, infinite space of abundant resources to drill, eat, poke, cut, slice, chop, dice, burn, farm, blow up from which can be employed by expendable mindless machines (see foreign workers) to get from and to produce the necessary shit (see goods and services) by which other expendable mindless machines (see marketers) try to sell shit to other expendable mindless machines (see consumers) to invest in expendable mindless's machines (see stock market) capability to sell shit by which expendable mindless machines don't really need but perceive the need anyways despite having a miserable quality of life even after purchasing shit that rusts out in 6 months or have not been used

~ Capitalism
by Rich Businessman November 28, 2010
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