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Peer comes from the Latin par which means equal. When you are on par with someone, you are their peer. Anyone of the same spesicis can be ones peers subjectivly. Anything that can be noticed to everyone and everythingorganic can be ones peers objectivly as they are all here with you. Age, Sex, Location, Wealth and so on are more subjective ways to use categorize ones peers.

This definition allows no moral high ground objectively.

Subjectivly it is used to create a moral high ground.

Latin par "equal, equal-sized, well-matched," also as a noun, "that which is equal, equality," of unknown origin.

This definition is english of known origin. Made fair and UnBias with all perspectives of logic accounted for.
Peers are unlimited. If a peer disappears due to circumstances their is always a replacement being grown, being born or simply being created.
by Rialeduc January 25, 2019

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When someone or something who you have interacted with for a very short (new) time is respectful and willing to aid you without getting to know you personally.
It found me/I found it and gave me information or entertainment in a respectful way. I would say they are a friendly stranger.
by Rialeduc January 25, 2019

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In a way that is infulenced by many perspectives. Without one or a groups personal bias and soley facts anyone can access . As well as in a way that is enterly dependent on the mind to be able to state existence in conclussion. It is a subconscious view made conscious.

Objective options are compromised subjective opinions.
The physical and mental state we think and know of as objectively true
by Rialeduc January 25, 2019

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