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A dag is very similar to a dog but is in fact no where near a dog. He looks like a dog and is kept a pet like a dog, but he is way cooler. He's really smart and obedient. He likes to lick and play but only when you want to because he knows when you are busy and doesn't want to annoy you. He likes to chew on ropes that you get for him even though the rope gets destroyed and it makes a mess all over but you get them for him anyway because he's a dag. He likes to cuddle and he's really warm. No matter how many times you beat him or yell at him (even if it's just to relieve stress) he will apologize by licking because he loves you and all he ever wants it to be loved too.
oh by gad you're such a good daaaaag

shut the fuck up you stupid dag

cubeer dag
by RhinoG91 March 09, 2011

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