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1. An Italian football (soccer) manager which the England National Football Team hired to manage/coach the squad.

2. Can't speak English. At all. Max 100 words.

3. No player is willing to purchase Rosetta Stone for him.

4. When he is done incoherently rambling, Frank Lampard usually takes the squad out and tries his best to coach them. Then they go out for beer and leave Rooney behind because nobody likes Rooney.
Fabio Capello: Ehhhh........ Ehhhhhh.......... you Ehhhh.......... you kick de ehhhh.... Ball? Ehh.......... into .......Goal.

Frank Lampard: Alright, none of us understood what he said, so I'll try me best to manage the squad. Uhh.. let's scrimmage, play a 3-4-3 with this group and ehh.. 4-3-3 over here. Go.

John Terry: Or..... we could go to the pub grab some beers heh lads?

Lampsy: Sounds good to me.

Wayne Rooney: Can I come, lads?

Lampsy & JT: No. Nobody cares for you.

Wayne: *goes to cry in corner*
by RetroGamesAreBetter November 14, 2011

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