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The aim of Trance music is to give you a feeling of 'high' from the sound of the high musical keys used and the repeating of the beats that are between 125 bpm to 180 bpm. The nature of the songs have long intros, long endings, key change, fast interchange, happy melodies and classical music. It has many sub-genres that encompasses different electronic dance music mix such as techno, progressive house, deep house, pop, euro dance. For example, progressive trance can be a hybrid of trance with pop, classical, opera, techno and house elements. Although trance is hard to dance to in a clubbing environment, trance events are state of the art high tech laser shows with dancers and trapeze artists with superstars dj's. It truly is a music that does not appeal to everyone but to specific people who appreciate quality in their music and gives them an uplifting feeling that is unique and can only come from trance music. RV
Trance music is unique to other electronic dance music.
by RessyRaisin December 06, 2016
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