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Someone who takes pride in learning, applying and spreading throughout their lives accurate sexual health information, effective communication skills, and relationship blackbelt knowhow regardless of sexual identity and practices.
"You should go see Megan about that STD question 'cause she's a total Sex Geek and will probably know the answer, or which sex ed website to go to."

"That Sex Geek and his sex ninja gf put the Us in Anus."

"Sex Geeks are good friends to have when you run out of condoms and safer sex supplies 'cause they usually know where you can get 'em for free!"

"Tristan likes to geek out about Show-n-Tell Sex Ed, which makes her a complete Sex Geek."
by ReidAboutSex August 23, 2011

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Sex education where demonstrations for the purpose of modeling proper sexual technique, safer sex protocols and better communication are performed usually for a live audience who's encouraged to watch and ask questions. Demonstrations may or may not include nudity or explicit sexual contact, but often do.
"Show-n-Tell Sex Ed is such a better way to learn how to be a sex ninja than watching porn."

"I went to a Show-n-Tell Sex Ed workshop where the sex educator totally hand-fucked a melon with a latex glove and some lube!"

"That strap-on workshop was a Show-n-Tell Sex Ed class and they pegged a dude in front of me and my gf."
by ReidAboutSex August 23, 2011

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Someone who's sexual prowess is so awesome that they boarder on having mystical powers.
"They pulled a total Sex Ninja move and made me jizz using only their thumb!"

They must have gone to Sex Ninja school 'cause they fucked me balancing on one leg on the edge of the bathtub!"

"That Sex Geek made me cum so many times and in so many ways that their nickname is Sex Ninja."

"Sex Ninjas can make you orgasm anytime, anyplace."
by ReidAboutSex August 23, 2011

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