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A cult classic orginally released in 1979 on August the 15th.It was deemed a flop in movie theaters the first few years it was released,and suffered a revive of the culture in the mid eighties.It is the first of two published scripts(The Rocky Horror Picture Show and ShockTreatment),and one non-published script(Revenge Of The Old Queen).It was written by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brian and started as a play on broadway before the orginal movie was released in 1979.

It is a story about of a young couple,Janet Weiss(Susan Sarandon) and Brad Majors(Barry Bostwick)who become engaged and go on a trip on a stormy November evening to visit the man who introduced them,one Dr.Everett Scott(the late Jonanthan Adams),also ex-science teacher at Denton Highschool.They suffer a tire blowout and are wisked into the world of a grandeur and extravangant(and amazingly sexy)Transvestite alien from Transexual,Transylvania named Dr.FrankNFurter/Frankenfurter(Tim Curry),they also come to meet his handyman Riff Raff(Richard O'Brian) and his domestic Magenta(Patricia Quinn),also in the cast is a groupie named Columbia(Little Nell Campbell).They witness Dr.FrankNFurter's creation being born,a study man in golden briefs named Rocky Horror(Peter Hinwood).And witness the death of an ex-delivery boy named Eddie(Meatloaf).They inevitably are drawn into "an erotic nightmare beyond any measure",and sub-come to "sins of the flesh".The story also includes The Criminologist(Charles Gray),who,though lacking a neck, narrates the film to a certain degree.

It has become a hit with all kinds of people,and has spawned merchandise galore,various national and international fanclubs,parties,and even a RockyCon,a convention dedicated to the movie.
"That's a rather tender subject another slice anyone?" - Dr.FrankNFurter
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show is truly a cult classic."
"ShockTreatment has nothing on RHPS."
by RegularxFrankiexFam July 23, 2008
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