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The transition of a relationship from the female calling all the shots to the male calling all the shots.

Pussy taming happens because originally the male desperately wants to hook up with the female and get as much of her pussy as he can. He will do whatever it takes to do so, following her every whim; this is often termed being 'pussy whipped'. After a while he becomes confident he can have sex with her whenever he wants, so no longer has to bow to her needs. However, by this stage she has become emotionally attached and actually wants to maintain the relationship, while his lower emotional involvement now gives him the upper hand. Effectively her pussy has been tamed. The term is a derivation from lion taming.

Pussy taming can also happen in lesbian relationships as the balance of power changes between partners.
Jesse: Yo, we should totally ask Gaz to come to the ball game with us.
Harvey: Waste of time man, he's too pussy whipped by that bitch Kiandra.
Jesse: No dude, not any more.
Harvey: What happened man? They broken up?
Jesse: Nah dude, he's been pussy taming that bitch. He'll come for sure.
by Reggie the Educator April 09, 2013

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The practice used by radio presenters on stations with a promise of 'more music' of editing songs down to shorter lengths to give more time to talk crap or present their comedy skits.
Ed: Tone, you used to cut songs off before the final verse to give more time for comedy didn't you?
Tony: Yeah. It's the 'breakfast edit'. We once got 'Summer of '69' down to 53 seconds.
by Reggie the Educator January 04, 2014

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An injury to the testicular region, resulting in short or longer term damage to the plums, including general soreness, swelling, lacerations, or even sufficient injury to require surgery.
Example 1:
Some dude at the nude beach got his balls stuck between the slats on the beach chair. They had to cut the slats away, and he suffered a serious case of plum distress as a result.

Example 2:
Justin: I was doing a jump on my BMX bike. The seat cracked when I landed, and my gear caught up in it. I had to have an operation downstairs to get the damage fixed up.
Ed: Wow!!
Richard: Plum distress.
by Reggie the Educator April 08, 2013

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