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That one friend that somehow knows everything about history, science, math, and computers. Literally took 462,000 lasers to the face at once without moving, but put him in a conversation with the opposite sex and he runs away faster than you can sea. Never knows if he's being charming or being an ass. Doesn't care. Could kill you in 40 different ways if you give him the chance.
Kristofer: Actually, the 10th digit of pi is 5.
Girl: *walks up*
Friend: Oh hey (insert girl name here)! How are ya?
Girl: Fine, just need some help with my Algebra, but I don't think Kristofer's here today.
Friend: What? Don't be- oh holy shit.
Kristofer: *running* nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
Friend: There he goes.
by Red-Kun February 21, 2016

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A word which used as a way of shortening the word family, often used to define one's closest friends. Since one's closest friends are typically seen as comparable to a family, this is a household term many know.
What many don't know is that the term was actually defined by Shakespeare in his original draft of Romeo and Juliet. "Juliet, I need you to flower my pump fam." (Shakespeare 69)
Fam, I think you lit the Christmas tree on fire.
by Red-Kun November 26, 2016

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