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Santaclausification is the process of downplaying conflicts after they have led to desirable outcomes. Santa Claus is a fictional person invented by parents to disguise the difficult process of deciding who gets what gift. Similarly, regressive institutions prefer to disguise the origin of political progress out of fear that past victories will inspire future conflicts.

Example: The US government celebrates Martin Luthor King in ways that liken him to an welcomed, jolly, fictional character who brought the gift of civil rights. In reality MLK was an enemy of the institutions that now celebrate his progress. This change in framing allows the US government to imply that it gifted civil rights to the people, when in reality civil rights were created by revolutionary radicals through conflict with the government.
History books whitewash the civil rights era by playing up charismatic individuals like MLK who they can render harmless though the gradual santaclausification that happens when their achievements are summarized.
by Red Voxen November 16, 2021
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