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The best band in history! A few songs:
Yesterday, Help, Yes it is, Norwegian Wood, Nowhere Man, Girl, I am the Walrus, and Yellow Submarine.

Yay for the Beatles!
by RebeccaCS November 28, 2005

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A fun children's game.

How to play:
Have everybody sit in a circle. Then, choose one person as the 'goose'. That person walks around and taps everybody on the head, labeling them all as 'ducks'. Then, the 'goose' will randomly call someone else the 'goose'. Goose 2 then chases Goose 1 around and around the circle. If Goose 1 manages to get back into their inital spot, then they're safe and Goose 2 starts doing the whole head-tapping thing again. If Goose 1 gets tagged, however, they have to sit in the center of the circle until someone else gets tagged.
Nothing brings on a case of childhood nostalgia like a game of duck-duck-goose!
by RebeccaCS March 16, 2006

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Just... Cuddly! And sweet! It could be:
1) A puppy/kitty/any other baby animal (human babies included)
2) To a girl, the short, plumpish guy sitting across from you with a nice face and an innocent attitude
3) I have no idea as to what guys consider is cute.

Cute can also be used to describe some random article of clothing/makeup by morons, as in:
1) OMG that skirt is so cuuuuute!
2) OMG that lipstick is so cuuuuuute!
What the heck? I already put the examples for 'cute' in the definition. Now shoo!
by RebeccaCS December 14, 2005

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