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Web slang for laughing at a joke or comment someone posted. Not to be confused with the negative definitions posted by old web useers that find no fun in PC usage anymore and want to bring others with them, but seem to be unable to TURN THIER PC OFF.
Its haha, not ha ha. ha ha is completely different.ha ha lets ppl know you dont find it funny.
A: And when they made the patch, he was able to get on a roof in the game and cast blizzard into a group when they werent looking.
B: ha ha($%#$% is not funny)
C: haha thats funny.
D: haha that is funny.
E: bet they were lookin around for an enemy.
by Realmj December 10, 2006

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When some one breaks the "flow" of the party and makes others lose attention to the one thing that makes them happy: losing all ability to think straight.
Dude that %$$%@ just tripped on the chair!
Haha she just puked on herself!
Hey he passed out. Lets dick face him!
Ok. Who left the smelly sock in my closet!?
Haha cant handle a beer bong!
Party foul...
by RealMJ December 06, 2006

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