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An individual (coffee shop revolutionary) or group of individuals (revolutionaries) who speculate on the utopia that "could be" following radical societal, governmental, and cultural change without actually taking action to do initiate it.

These coffee shop revolutionaries are comparable to "Armchair Generals" and "Armchair Politician's".

The prefixes of "Coffee Shop-" or "Armchair-" imply that the individual or individuals who desire reform or change lack the interest in making the sacrifices to take part in it. They are also the people who have the luxury of playing the all-knowing spectator to an event or social situation. An armchair general, for example, is a civilian one who believes he has all the solutions to a war which he formulated while sitting in his recliner in front of the television or while reading a newspaper.
Person 1: Our government needs to implement welfare reform, give greater tax breaks to middle and lower class, and improve international relations.

Person 2: Definitely! Someone should do something!

Person 1: I know. Our government sucks. Too bad I'm a Coffee Shop Revolutionary and won't do anything about it.

Person 2: Me too. I'm going to get another chai tea, want one?

by RealMadrileno March 04, 2007
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To sell off stolen merchandise.
Manny: Hey I just whacked this fucker out for about 15 grand in diamonds, do you know somewhere I can unload these?
Larry: Yeah, call up Lenny the Jeweler. He'll give you the best price for it.
by RealMadrileno March 23, 2007
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