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The sexiest type of human being on Earth. Are known to have very large penis' (men only), in fact so large that they could satisfy a blue whale. Are also immortal, and are immune to water,fire,bullets,etc. Dont pick a fight with a Hafrican, because you'll end up with no eyes and a Size-15 boot stuck up your ass.Hafricans are SO dangerous that Chuck Norris once saw a Hafrican, and ran in fear of his life. Oh..and Hafricans are also allergic to the sun, and if they do happen to sneak out at day time, you cant see them, because they are so allergic that they are turned INVISIBLE for the whole time they are outside.
Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keyes, Derrick Jeter, any one with a 27 inch penis, etc.HAFRICANS RULE!
by Ravens52 May 17, 2006

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