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A person who will set up accounts on various websites, but will not post real pictures of his or herself. This type of person also pops up on your instant messaging clients. When asked for a picture, the person will give excuses about broken cameras or using another computer with no pictures. There are a host of lies that these people will give. Most of the time, they are looking to set you up for some unknown motive. Remember, there is a reason why they are trying to remain anonymous.

A person who finds you on various websites and attempt to hook up with you or get to know you outside of the cyberlife; however, they don't have a face (they can NOT provide pictures of how they look). Therefore, it's just a ghost writing you messages.
Internet Guy: What's up baby? You are gorgeous!! One fine lady!

Me: Thanks...I guess..but umm..where are your pictures?

Internet Guy: Umm..My camera on my phone isn't working. My screen is broken. My phone is touch screen so I can't see if the camera is working.

Me: How is that possible?...On this website it shows that you are logged on from your phone...but you just said that your screen is broken and you can't see anything. How are you talking to me with a broken screen?

Internet Guy: Umm..well.

Me: Never mind. It's a reason why you want to remain unknown. I don't have time to talk to Ghost Writers. Have a great day!
by RavenCherokee May 29, 2010

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