1 definition by Rathire

A small little town on interstate 75 with very little to do. Your best bet is seeing a bunch of teenage rednecks trying to show off their vehicles in the McDonald’s parking lot like anyone gives a shit. The busiest place is the Walmart which is always filled with some colorful yet shady individuals you wouldn’t trust as far as you could throw them. After Midnight is when the crackheads that live in the many RV parks come out rolling the streets. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town besides probably doing drugs or getting drunk off your ass and that’s at anytime. Downtown area is nice probably the only part of the town that doesn’t scream Trailer Park gangbang. If your a single guy don’t move here many of the women in Bushnell look like Gorillas and have used up bodies that most prison inmates wouldn’t touch and keep in mind this is women in their mid 20s looking like this. If you like chalky white girls with saggy boobs that chain smoke then you’d be in heaven here because that’s about what’s here.
I guess we are fixing to come into Bushnell.

Drive Faster and don’t look back
by Rathire June 10, 2019